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Every company has great stories. Those stories are the connection between the people within the company and your target audience. And that’s why every company needs someone to dig those stories up and show them. That’s where I come in. I’m Kai Vermaas, the corporate vlogger. I use my background in Psychology and Filmmaking to make snackable video-content to connect your target audience with the stories your company has to tell. 




Social Media is getting faster and faster, the times of waiting weeks to post your vlog are gone. I can deliver a vlog within 24 hours so you can post almost instant content of your event, tradeshow, behind the scenes vlog and much more.


Vlogs are doing very well on Social Media, but the rule to a great strategy on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter is to create short and interesting content. Vlogs are a great format to highlight one topic at a time in a fast and dynamic video.


One of the most unique features of a vlog is that it’s personal. Your target audience gets to build a connecting with a person and that’s easier than getting them to connect with a brand. A vlog makes you relatable and makes people want to follow your content.


To make a video you usually have to hire at least 4 people to do video, audio, editing and presentation. That costs a lot. As a vlogger I work alone and that saves you a lot in man-hours but also travel expenses. That makes vlogs cost-effective.


pharmaceutics tradeshow in madrid

behind the scenes vlog for matt simons

labopening in cologne

Cosmetics tradeshow in Bangkok

ABOUT kai vermaas

I’m Kai Vermaas, the founder of KaiVideo. And for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by video, even though I have a very peculiar background in film. I studied Psychology and I’ve specialised in how people learn and process information. After graduating I became a public speaker and I train Olympic Athletes how to tell their story. 

But still there was something missing, I missed working with film. That’s when I decided to buy a camera and make a commitment with myself to learn how to make vlogs. And I would do that by making a vlog every single day. That resulted in a daily vlog that lasted 222 consecutive days. I stopped vlogging for myself because something much more interesting crossed my path: vlogging for others! In my first year more dan 20 companies hired me to make vlogs for them and I made more dan 140 corporate vlogs in that year alone. And I really fell in love with the diversity of the work. I get to report events, music videos, trade shows, sporting-events, I got do interviews, behind the scenes vlogs and loads more. I got to visit places nobody gets to visit and I get to speak to people you would normally never get to speak to. You could say that everything just clicked. I get to use my background in Psychology structure the information in a way that people are entertained and learn something new. I get to use my background as a public speaker to present the vlogs and make a coherent story of what is happening and the interviews I do. And I get to use my love for the art of filmmaking to make good looking and entertaining vlogs. 

I keep on being amazed by the countries I get to visit, the people I get to meet and all the companies I learn from and what I like to do is to amaze your target audience as much as everything amazes me. Because I believe that every company has great stories, you only need someone to dig them up.




A vlog within 24 uur
  • Extra fast delivery within 24 hours
  • Optimised for social media
  • Vlog of max. 3 minutes


For the highest quality
  • 4K Ultra HD quality vlogs
  • Vlog of max. 5 minutes
  • Delivery within three weeks


Can you vlog abroad? and how does that work?

I make a lot of vlogs abroad, so that won’t be a problem. I am based in the Netherlands and I can travel by plane, train and by car. There’s no addition fee for  doing vlogs abroad, I only request that travel and accomodation expenses are paid for. 

How fast can you deliver?

Normally It takes three weeks to make a vlog. But sometimes you want the vlog as soon as possible, then you can choose for ultra fast delivery within 24 hours. This option is sparce and it has to fit in with my shedule, so if you want a vlog within 24 hours, please let me know as soon as possible on info@kaivideo.com.

Can you create vlog-series?

Yes I can! I believe vlogs work best when they are created as a series. Then you wont have to put all your information in one video but devide it over a longer period of time. This helps to keep your target-audience connected, entertained and informed. 

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